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PostSubject: Joining ABLE - READ HERE FIRST!   Joining ABLE - READ HERE FIRST! EmptyTue Jun 21, 2011 1:23 am

Joining ABLE - READ HERE FIRST! Recruit-1

We are a family-style clan that makes it a point to know and be friendly with each other. We're looking to be a mid-sized clan so there's enough people on at all times to play with each other, but not too many so there's strangers.

Definition of ABLE in case you were unaware: "Having sufficient power or resources to accomplish something."

We do mostly TMM together.

When enough people are online we will play in-houses for some fun and great learning opportunities. This will help us learn and grow from each other in a relaxed environment.

We do have access to both Vent and Teamspeak 3.

We take pride in our extremely high CAI (Clan Activity Index.) We play together all the time and that's all there is to it. Becoming a member means becoming part of a group of friends. We're serious about our relationships with each other!

We're looking for people that can have fun and joke around. HON is a game, after all!

It should be noted that we are looking to play with people that are interested first. We should feel each other out to assure we're a good match and the fit is right. We generally make decisions after three games.


- 1600+ MMR
- From US/CA
- Speak English well
- Communicate well with a team (no raging)
- Have a working microphone
- Can take constructive criticism
- Maturity
- 5.0+ TSR (If you don't know what yours is we will tell you)
- DON'T be afraid to lose! We learn from our mistakes and grow stronger from them. If we try as a team and fail as a team, then we'll practice and get them next time!
- Be respectful to your team mates. Nothing get's resolved from anger.


- Post an application in this topic section (Recruitment) with the topic "Name - MMR/PSR" You don't even need to register!
       *Give us your in-game normal stats:
               In-game Name: FreakyFranky
                               MMR: ~1700
                                K:D: 0.88
                            A+K:D: 2.72
                           Wards: 2.4
                                 CK: 60.9
                                 CD: 9.6
                        Neutrals: 7.7
                              GPM: 210.2
                             XP/M: 341.9
                             Roles: Hard support, Support/ganker, carry if need be
       *Post General Information about your self.
              My name's Frank Qi and I'm a full time student. I've hit a MMR plateau that I can't seem to get over.
              I played with you guys a couple of times and you seem pretty organized so I want to join your clan so
              we can rock those noobs. I can usually dedicate around 2-3 games/day, but it can vary depending on
              my schedule. Hope I can get in!
       *We prefer that you can play multiple roles unless you're a Dedicated Support. We do not want Dedicated Carrys
       * Make our lives 1000X easier by posting what roles you play and TSR!
              > TSR is a mod and can be found by installing both of the items from this list:
                          + (TSR)
                          + (Mod Manager)
- In-game join channel Clan ABLE
- Ask members to play (While the officers have the power to invite, the members have heavy influence on the final decision)

Also, message and/or friend either Boston`, FreakyFranky, Acww52, or Phyrio for more information!

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