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 hexasemi - Appliction

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PostSubject: hexasemi - Appliction   hexasemi - Appliction EmptyFri Aug 05, 2011 4:14 pm

In-game Name: hexasemi
MMR: ~1650 currently 1637
TSR: 5.08
K:D: 1.01
A+K:D: 2.63
Wards: 1.1
CK: 95.4
CD: 12.2
Neutrals: 25.6
GPM: 281.3
XP/M: 428.3
I can play just about any hero. There are a few I could use some work on, but that's only from hardly ever playing them. I got myself to ~1680 from 1480 about two weeks ago by playing Hammerstorm, Demented Shaman, and Puppet Master with emphasis on Carrystorm and Carry Master. However, I enjoy playing support, initiator, or ganker as my team needs. I often find that I'm put on a team with at least one, usually two, players who either don't understand the game or have never played their hero. That's why I enjoy carrying smm. If it were up to me, I'd constantly play support/semi-carry heroes. I enjoy winning above all, but I don't mind losing if we have given it a good effort. I have been on a major losing streak yesterday and today, and it's driving me crazy.

About me:
I am a male 21 year old student living in Texas. I work at Blockbuster and I wait tables at a local restaurant. I took last semester off because I lost interest in Computer Science, but I plan to attend a community college nearby for Game Development to see if that's something I would enjoy doing. My hobbies include playing internet games like HoN or Uniball and browsing the internet. I am a WoW player off and on; more so off than on for the past few years though. I sometimes hang out with a few friends and drink a bit, but I thoroughly enjoy spending time on my computer.

My next goal in HoN is to start using keys to buy items instead of mouse clicking.
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hexasemi - Appliction Empty
PostSubject: Re: hexasemi - Appliction   hexasemi - Appliction EmptySat Aug 06, 2011 7:46 pm

Hey Hexasemi,

Thanks for applying. Join our channel and play a few games with ABLErs! Feedback will be forwarded to us and we'll make a decision after that.

B-R-T Wards
B-Q (TP sideshop)


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hexasemi - Appliction
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